Let's start designing your new smile. Contact us now to start planning your journey with one of our Orthodontists!

Our Secret Formula for a perfect smile is a combination of experienced Dental Professionals and Ground Breaking Technology
Our Game Plan

Step 1: Impressions and

We will send you an Impression Kit to make your first Dental Impression. We will include a free return shipping label to get your impressions back and create a digital model of your teeth which we will use to design your fully customized treatment.

Step 2: Manufacture
your Aligners

After planning your treatment, we will manufacture your aligners in our Dental Laboratory located in Motor City Detroit, Michigan. As a trusted Dental Laboratory, we only use FDA approved materials, and we manufacture under FDA approved workflows for Dental Laboratories.

Step 3: Receive and
start your Treatment

Your Aligners are ready to give you the smile of your dreams! Please, follow the predetermined sequence of aligners and in no time you will Say Cheese! with no limits. We included a "Day 1" gift for your journey.

Step 4: Say Cheese! You've made it

You are ready to flex that smile in front of everyone, at any time, in every place. We are so happy you obtained the smile you deserve that we are going to send you a "You've made it" Gift. It is important to keep your last set of aligners and to wear them occasionally until your smile is totally settled.

Say Cheese. Say Cheese. SayCheese. Say Cheese. Say Cheese.

Get your Aligners Treatment in only 10 days after you send your molds back!

100% Money back Guarantee.

We evaluate your case to make sure this treatment is the right for you, our experienced orthodontists have never disappoint.

Biocompatible Long Lasting Materials.

GT Flex technology allows us to achieve the highest stress resistance over time in the market.

For Adults and Teens. Family plan options.

This type of treatment is suitable for every age. Give your kids or yourself a confident smile to stun the world.

Special Discounts for all Insurance.

Many people might be covered or will have a substantial discount for having any type of insurance.

Start and End your treatment with a gift.

We want you to have the most hygienic journey possible, so we are including our Aligner washing tablets as a starting gift.

All our Treatments are expedited.

We want you to start smiling asap. We provide all our clients expedited shipping with no extra charge.

We monitor your progress in every step.

As quick as a friendly chat, don't waste time in dull appointments. Our experienced team just need an image to assure progress.

No insurance? That's fine, we have options.

We offer split pay installment plans, that will help you obtain the smile you deserve for a small monthly payment.

Say Cheese! Aligners Say Cheese Dental Aligners


Our Dental experts team and Dental Laboratory are Located in in the GMRenCen at Motor City Detroit, Michigan. We will guide you through your orthodontics journey from start to end, our experts will monitor your treatment progress step by step, every two weeks. Contact us now to start your treatment.

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